you're worth more
hello i am erin and i believe you are worth more than you believe


ill announce winners on new years (date might be moved forward a day or two if theres a really good sale sorry, ill post about it beforehand if that happens). 2 people will win, one wins $35 in zazzle stuff (from any store), one wins $25 in zazzle stuff!!!! i order the stuff through my account so you need to be ok w/ giving me your address. there arent really rules though i dont care what you do. good luck!! promo art by reba (personal/zazzle store) 

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in the end
i want my heart
to be covered
in stretch marks

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stop writing that poem because u are lonely and feeling sorry for yourself. stop it TSOP IT stop it sotp that. write about looking into the mirror and yelling “i am a smart funny person !! fuck you if you dont think so !! fcuk you if you judg eme on my physical appearance or gender…

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teeny tiny snail riding dog

original !!! x


imagine a tiny little squishy baby animal that sits on ur shoulder and pokes out ur jean pockets and relaxes quietly near ur hands when ur sitting by a table. everyone has these little balls of fluff that are watching u always„… they are very proud of what u have done today and this week. the balls of fluff kiss u when u are asleep and curl up next to u in bed„., very proud of you and ur achievements well done

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